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Traditional Karate in Swift Current

Self Defense

Self defense is not just about fighting off would be assailants but about assessing all situations and responding appropriately. If we see trouble close by we have choices - we can avoid the area and not put ourselves in the midst of a confrontation or we can very often calm the situation using logic and showing confidence in oneself. What the Swift Current Karate Club does is prepare a person physically and mentally with the tools they need to protect themselves, when and if they are ever needed.

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Child Classes

Children need lots of activity to use all the energy they have and grow up healthy and strong. But learning a martial art is much more than that. It also starts a child on a lifelong path of enjoying physical activity in a positive atmosphere.

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Health center

You have a fitness goal in mind and you have come to Swift Current Karate Club to achieve it. You are prepared to work out regularly and focus on improving your overall health and wellbeing, but there is more to being healthy than exercising. You also need to look at your life outside the gym to see what can help you obtain the results you want.

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Arguably the most well-known martial art in the world, Karate is a striking based fighting style that does not include grappling in its training. Relying on keen focus and a firm center of gravity, Karate teaches you how to strike correctly but more importantly that you must understand the reason behind your strike.

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